Ludwig Wendzich

Ludwig Wendzich

I was born in South Africa in 1991 and moved to New Zealand in 1997 where I grew up. During high school I started Barcamp Auckland which eventually became Gather. At AUT University I achieved a Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Graphic Design and Minoring in Photography.

I started my professional career as a designer at a boutique design agency called Lee ter Wal design where I focused on digital.

In October 2013 I moved to San Francisco, where I spent just over two years at Apple’s Marketing and Communications team.

Ludwig literally changed how Apple builds websites. In just 2 years at the company, he played an integral role in modernizing Marcom’s development toolchain. The systems he helped build were so well-received that we made them available to the rest of the company where they were widely adopted. To make all of this happen took technical acumen, vision, a penchant for making things better, as well as great people skills. Top it off with humility, an incredibly positive attitude, and a desire to make the people around him stronger, and you start to get a sense of what Ludwig contributes to a team. Do whatever you can to work with him. You’ll be better off for it.

— Andrew Hedges, my manager at Apple. See LinkedIn »

I’ve now returned to New Zealand to help local design and development teams succeed as their companies scale to perform on the world stage. I’m starting with Vend (Director of UX) and Figure.NZ (Designer/Front-end Developer). I’m also trying to live a zero-waste life here in Auckland.